ENOOP'S NEW EQUIPMENT in Delamaris d.o.o.

10 Oct 2014

ENOOP d.o.o. have manufactured new equipment and contributed to opening the new facility in the company Delamaris Kal on 10.10.2014.

Delamaris d.o.o. is the only Slovenian manufacturer of canned fish. The tradition of fish can production is notable also in the world wide sense - its beginnings go back to the year of 1879.

The Delamaris products are distinguished by their quality and the fact that they are natural, as they contain no preservatives and other additives. In addition, they are gluten-free and contain high levels of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

The Delamaris trademark is based upon more than 130 years of tradition. The company’s product range comprises fish with vegetables, fillets of mackerel, sardines, fish pâtés, tuna fish, tuna fish with vegetables, anchovies and canned beans.

The Enoop's equipment has made to the highest standards of fishing industry. It has designed to enable the future growth and capacity increase, which is an excellent starting point for the expansion of sales on the existing markets and for entering new markets. New equipment will definitely ensure the development and progress of Delamaris production.