Why Water Jet Cutting?

It's simple. Abrasive water jet technology offers your shop increased flexibility and value, and complements other cutting technologies. OMAX is the only water jet company that designs and produces its own pump, machine controller, software, and tables. Full system integration from a single source ensures smooth operation, customer satisfaction, and protection for your investment. Whether you're cutting metal or stone, nearly every shop can benefit from abrasive water jet technology.

Materials Cut by Water Jets

OMAX abrasive water jet machine handle a wide variety of different materials and applications. The OMAX abrasive water jet machine has the ability to cut virtually any material, such as:


stainless steel glass
aluminum tile
tool steel stone
titanium rubber
marble carbon fiber
granite composites



We can cut up to 150mm. The maximum possible plate size is 2000 x 6000 mm.


Največja možna dimenzije rezanja je 2000 x 6000 mm.